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Hi I’m new to wordpress and just trying to get the hang of it. I’ve recently installed the Travelify theme and have started to adjust it to my needs, however I’m struggling a little.

I’m writing a travel blog, and I’ve (hopefully correctly) decided that I want a main parent category called ‘destinations’ then the actual destinations such as ‘Brazil’ or ‘Bolivia’ etc to be in child categories, so every time I post in a particular country etc they are posted within the particular child category (If someone thinks this is a bad method and there is a better way please let me know).

However I’m struggling to correctly implement how I want this into Wordpress how I want it, I can correctly create the categories, however I want the ‘Destinations’ category to be listed on the main menu bar, just like on the Travelify demo site where there is the category ‘other’ and a drop down menu lists other categories below it, this is effectively what I would like on my site.

Also I see when hovering over the ‘other’ category link on the demo site the link shows , where as the category link on my site is , are these what permalinks are, and I should be choosing my own for each category etc, similar to how the ‘other’ category link is on the demo site?

My site is

Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks

Thank you for using Travelify theme for your blog!

I see that you are struggling with some basics but no problem as I will get you covered.

  1. Here are things you should know about how categories work and how you can use them. You can also divide categories into parent and child categories.

  2. Now that you know more about categories you can go ahead and create menu. This theme uses WordPress Custom Menu structure and here you can read more about it. You can add pages, posts, categories or any other URL inside your menu and create dropdowns with ease. No limitations there.

  3. Now we can move to permalinks. You need to enable custom permalinks structure. You can do that by going to WordPress Dashboard - Settings - Permalinks and enabled “Post Name” like you can see in this screenshot:

Now save changes and you are ready to go.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.