Category Missing from Post Display

I have been developing a site with the free Sparkling theme.

On my Windows local WP development instance, categories are working correctly. In particular, the single post screen showed the assigned category in the meta info area, alongside the date and author.

I migrated my WordPress site from my windows localhost to my web host and everything appeared to migrate over correctly without any loss of data or theme customization. However, I notice one difference: categories are no longer showing up on the single post page. The date and author are in the meta info section but not the category.

On the other hand, the category is shown in the category widget (in the nav area) and if I click on the category URL, the post with that category DOES show on the category page. Hence, I know the category is being assigned correctly to the post, and the problem appears to be strictly a UI issue. (Viewing browser source, I do not see the category name in the source code where it should be.)

I have also tried deleting and recreating the category and creating a new post (post-migration) and I observe the same problem.

One other note: my web hosting is a managed WordPress solution. Hence, my host hides the Theme Editor (another difference as compared to my localhost), but I don’t see why this would matter for category display.

Any further debugging tips?

Hey there

Most probably something happened during migration of the database since you have files already migrated try to use migrate DB plugin to generate the new database, check this link for more details and steps