Category Page Layout Problem

Hello, I have a problem with my website. I use your theme and I can’t solve this problem. When a user goes to a category page. I’m not talking about “articles”, posts or anything else. Only PAGES categories. The first 2 items are very large and I want to put them at the same size as the other items below and mount the sidebar. Basically, I want the layout to be the same as the homepage.

For the example, I put a screen but you can also find this on the demo:

I searched and I can’t find the solution so I write this post.

At the same time, I would like to know how to remove the texts (paragraphs) on the presentation of the articles. For example, on the homepage of the demo, we have an article “Maecenas tincidunt posuere quam, eu consectetur justo” and below, a paragraph from the article. I would like to reduce the number of words in this paragraph.

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Sorry but this is how the template is designed to work, this is default style and without a template, customization its not possible to change this layout or
Number of words in excerpts - you can control this by read more tag in the post

Hello, It is impossible to modify anything:(

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Without template modification such changes is not possible, i wish i could help with css but this is not possible :frowning: