Category Pages don't show last 2 posts of the category

Hi, I’ve a couple of issues with Newspaper X theme.

  1. When I select a category, in each page the first 2 posts are always the same in each page and the last page doesn’t show the last 2 posts published.
    This is a very big problem.
    Btw. I tried to disable all installed plugin, but the problem was still there.

  2. In the “copyright” line at the end of the page appears a menu… but I can’t see/access/customize/delete it in any part of of the customization process of the website. (Check attached file).
    More, no widget works in “after footer” area.

Anyone can help?

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.
Relating to the queries here:

  1. Could you kindly provide us with links to the pages in reference.
  2. Please provide us with some temporary access credentials to the site so that we can have a closer look into this.

I look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,

Hi, thanks for the answer.
this is the website
You can check by yourself what’s goin’ on…
Btw. Categories don’t work properly also if I disable all plugins…

Hi there,
Thanks for keeping in touch.
Relating to the menu question here, please try out the following CSS code under the Appearance>Customize>Additional CSS section in order to hide it:

nav#footer-navigation .menu {
display: none;

As for the categories, could you please provide us with some temporary access credentials as well so that we can check whether there are any existing discrepancies.

I look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,

the CSS code worked well, thanks!

Regarding categories I solved the problem checking the section: Settings> Reading> Blog pages show at most > 30 (or more)

Btw. Is there a way to change the Menu colors (e.g. in white or yellow) in the footer as it’s very similar to backgroung color of the footer? (see attached image)

hey there

Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

ul#menu-footer-widget-2 li a {
color: #a9afb5;

Colorlib Support Team

Checked… but didn’t work…


You should clear cache, color is changed i see :slight_smile:

How can I clear the Cache?

Hi ibma

check this please:

Ok thanks… thought having to clear a specific Wordpress Cache… :wink:

You are welcome

But please note, for general question try to search them in the net first, you will save your time (our too :smiley: )
Ok, i will close this case now, feel free to open new ticket :slight_smile: