Category pages in featured slider

Very nice work Aigars, working properly. I like the slider, but I was just wondering if there is a chance to automatically use the X recent posts matching condition Y (e.g. has the tag “Z” or category “Z”) for the slider. I would really appreciate your help. Otherwise I will need to change the slider options every time a new blog post is created by a second person.

Btw: I just created a German translation. Not perfect, but maybe some can take advantage of it. You want it?


Could you please tell me the name of the comment plugin?

It requires a lot of work to modify this slider to make it work with category pages instead of single pages. The thing is that slider checks for post based on ID and takes featured image from it but since category has several pages, it should filter each page and look for images there. It’s doable but takes a lot of time.

I might look into your translation. Please could you send me it to support[at] Will check and let you know if it can be included in the next theme update.

For comments I am using Jetpack. It is developed by the same team which is behind WordPress itself.

Hope this helps a bit.

Aigars, thx for your answer so far. I will improve my translation and send it to you.
Concerning my problem: I want to allow different authors to publish blog posts. They will get the “author” rights and therefore their article will be published with no need to confirm.
I understand that my first thought is not applicable. But another idea I had: What about adding a user defined field to each post which needs to be displayed on the first page. It is a native function of wordpress. I have a basic understanding of databases and php & SQL, but I am not familiar with wordpress.
My illusion is to get it working by implementing something similar to this:

id_array = SELECT id FROM posts WHERE user_defined_field=true ORDER BY date LIMIT 0,5

Maybe with some other limitations like “not older than 2 months” or whatever.

That would mean an applicable solution to me. What do you think, is it lost time if I put some effort in or is it even just a small code snippet for an expert like you?

Please excuse my English language skills!

Kind regards

This option could be released as premium one since there is too much work involved to do it for free.

Since you are good at PHP you might want to look into this slider to see how they handle categories: This plugin has a similar stucture to the one I use for my theme.

Since I am lazy developer I would even replace existing slider with this one to save some time and nerves