Centering Logo Header

another little problem.
I have an issue for centering the logo on the normal view. if i see it from a mobile device (tablet, smartphone) it looks centered but from my pc (opera, chrome and FF) it’s still left aligned.

I added a:
`margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;"

in .site-branding which seems to be the right class.

Thx for your help.

The basic idea of centering is right, however, you haven’t taken into consideration that site-branding has another class called col-md-6 which is part of Bootstrap grid system. It will allow this section to take 6 out of 12 grids or 1/2 of the content area.

You have to remove this class or replace it with col-md-12, or specifically target this element to overwrite Bootstrap grid system sizes. It is a bit more difficult that just centering alone.

But if you are using Social network buttons it will be even more difficult.