Centering website title for Unite WordPress theme


I’m new to Wordpress and am trying to set up the Unite theme for my site. The problem is that my site title displays weirdly. Instead of being centered and all on one line, the title is on two lines to the left, with a lot of empty space to the right. I’ve attached a screenshot of how it looks. Does anybody know how I can fix this?

Weirdly, the title appears correctly when I go into “Customize them” mode, but I can’t get it to appear that way normally.

Please temporarily disable coming soon page and I will look into what is going on on your website.

I’ve done that, thank you.

Thank you!

Now add this code to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS. It will make sure to center website title and descriptions (tagline)

.site-branding.col-md-6 {
  width: 100%;
  text-align: center;

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.