CFA Pop up?

I’m curious if I can have the CFA of my Dazzling theme open up a pop up window?

Currently it’s set to take me to a new web page which has a simple email sign up form. However, I would prefer that when someone clicks the CFA, a pop up appears.

I’ve created a pop-up subscription form with my email marketing service, and have the coding for it. Just curious if there’s a ways I can enter it in here?


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Creating a CFA pop up would require the use of a third party plugin to do so. Here are a few plugins that can help you:

There may be a setting in your current email marketing plugin that enables the use of pop ups.

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Thank you.

With these plugins, (as well as with my email marketing plugin) they give me a shortcode to embed on my site anywhere.

So how do I get that code to link up with the action button on the dazzling theme?

Hey, nevermind, I figured it out! Thanks :slight_smile:


Great, happy to hear you got it sorted.

Feel free to share your solution with the community, as someone may find it helpful.

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