Change caption size


how can i change the size of the caption.

You can style default WordPress captions by using something like this:

.wp-caption {
	font-style: italic;
	font-size: 10px;

Of course you can tweak these values and add more styling but this is the basic idea on how to get it done.

Doesn’t work :frowning:

Then you aren’t using default WordPress captions. Please post exact URL where you have used caption, so I can provide you with exact code that you need to use.

I see your URL, but I need EXACT page where are those captions. I don’t see any in your posts that I randomly checked.

Sorry, now I see. Plugin you are using took forever to loads and I never allowed to load it completely.

Plugin you are using overwrites theme styles. Do you need those tiles are regular tiles or small as captions?

Hi Aigars and sorry fot my late reply. When i delete all the plugins, will it be work normaly?

I need the regular tiles :slight_smile:


Temporarily disable it and indeed you will see that titles will work just fine.

Don’t work fine :confused: