Change color of "Read More" button on Blog Page


I’m a bit familiar with CSS Styles and have been trying to customize the illdy theme for my blog. I was able to alter the home page, but I can’t get all the yellow icons, titles and buttons from the BLOG page to change to the color I want.

I tried changing the background color of the button for example with this code but it did nothing.
#blog .blog-post .blog-post-button {
background-color: #afc641; }

Anyone know how to do this? Here’s the link to the webpage i’m trying to change the colors for.

I want all the yellow accents to be changed to this color: #266878



Have you managed to fix the issue?
If not, try using !important:

#blog .blog-post .blog-post-button {
background-color: #266878 !important;

Best regards

Figured it out. I just posted the CSS style change to the EDIT file not he EDIT CSS file. Weird. Thanks anyways!