Change color of the whole setting

How can I customize the colors of the entire theme?
Same as in the customizer, only with own selected colors.
The other solutions in the forum have changed my colors only sporadically.

How is that possible?
Thanks in advance.

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In order to change the colors used in the theme outside of the ones available in the customizer, you would have to use CSS code to do so because some of the color locations are very specific. You can tell us the colors you want changed and we can provide the CSS.

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Thanks for the quick answer!

Ok that sounds good. In Tyche I can see a Primary Color Dark, Primary Color Light, Text Color and the highlighted color. For example let’s say:

Primary Color Dark: #000000
Primary Color Light: #848484
Text Color: #FFFFFF
Highlight: #FF0000

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is there any chance of getting an answer ?
I already wrote a few days ago but the Reply didn’t appear.


Hello Strawhat

Sorry for delay but i will do my best to wing back your satisfaction :slight_smile:
Let’s work on your website directly, this is what i need to provide precise CSS code, I need your website url and references to colors you want to change,
please note, i can help you if your changes not require big CSS modification and it not falls in customization