Change copyright information, home button and content width

That worked superb!! Fixed it. Now, another question:
1- How can I make that the HOME page is the same as if I put a HOME button in the menu?
2- I can’t find the CSS for changing the footer. (Copyright, etc. etc.). Can you help me out? (Would also like to add some Links there)
3- How can I change the wide of the center field?
4- I don’t want to appear the Page title when I open every Menu point. Any idea?

Thanks a lot for your help!!! Regards!

You have created a very nice website!

  1. When you are creating Custom Menu via WordPress Dashboard → Appearance – Menus, choose Custom Links from the right side and add your homepage URL and remove existing one from Menu. More about WordPres menus you will find here:

  2. CSS for copyrights are located in style.css and marked as #site-generator .copyright
    Links in your given website are created via Widgets. You can use some Link management plugin or just style them using post editor and then copy/paste as HTML code inside Widget Text box.
    Create a bullet points, add URL’s, etc.

  3. If you means width of posts you can adjust it via style.css by looking for #primary You will see width in percentage. If you want to increase the width, you will have to reduce the size for sidebar, right margin etc. Could be a bit difficult.

  4. To hide Page tiles you should edit style.css. Find .page-title and add display: none; at the end and it won’t be visible anymore.

i hope that I have answered all your questions.

Oooh thanks!!! Done everything!! Worked out perfect. But…Can’t get right with the Copyright and WordPress in the footer. I find the section you mentioned, but there is no text I can change!?!? Or must I change the “Custom implementations”?


Unfortunately, it is out of the scope of free support!