Change entry-title on Pages and Homepage

Can anyone help me with customzing my entry-title css? I want to edit the “entry-title” css so it changes the Page Titles only. If you see on my website now the entry-title tag is assigned to EVERY title in my website, the homepage slider text, the page title text and the blog title text.

I think there are two options

  1. Remove the entry-title class from the h2 on the homepage slider text somehow, can anyone help tell me where this would be located in my theme files?
  2. Change the Page Title class to something unique other than entry-title. Again, where can I find this in my code to add/edit.

Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you for your time

Hi @kimberlyprovo,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You don’t need to edit it. You can just target page title using following CSS selector. .entry-title{

Best Regards,