Change Feature image in a portfolio page

I am using the Shapely theme and the WPB Filterable Portfolio plugin.
From the portfolio page, when you click on the Portfolio Single Page link icon, it takes you to a single page (see portfolio_page_lauper, attached)

But, the image displayed (the featured image, highlighted by a yellow box) is cropped and blown up to fill the image space.
I want the image on the portfolio page to appear as the entire image, and smaller, so the image quality isn’t compromised like it is in the cropped image (see lauper_real_crop).

you can see the page here: Lauper – mikescottdraws
(click on the links under the main image and the portfolio can be sorted).

Also, when the Portfolio Quick View Icon is clicked, a window appears (see portfolio_overlay_lauper). I would like to delete the buttons – highlighted in the yellow box – and add some descriptive text in each subjects’ quick-view window.
I would also like to add a “buy a print” button which would tie into the woo commerce plugin, and call up a page for the view to order a print. Is this possible?

Thank you in advance for your considered reply.

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In oredr to changed the featured image size, you will have to go to Appearance > Editor > Funtions and locate add_image_size( 'shapely-featured', 730, 350, true );, then change the height and width values there.

This CSS should remove the tags:

/*Remove quick view tags*/
.mfp-zoom-out.mfp-ready .mfp-with-anim .wpb_portfolio_area.wpb_category_portfolio.wpb_portfolio_area_mixitup {
    display: none;

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Thank you for the reply.

I found the line of code you referred to, but I when I changed it to
add_image_size( ‘shapely-featured’, 396, 616, true );
(approx the size of all my vertical images)
It did not change when I saved and looked at the page. Is there another step I need to take other than click on the button “Update File?”
one more question: I also have some images that are not vertical like this Cyndi Lauper example, but are horizontal. Is there a way to

Also, I’m not sure where I am suppose to place the line of CSS to removed the tags.
Where do I paste that line CSS?


Hi there

Try this,
in this code:
add_image_size( ‘shapely-featured’, 730, 350, true );
set it to falese:
add_image_size( ‘shapely-featured’, 730, 350, false );
and image will be not cropped, please note you may need to run regenerate thumbnails after this, or maybe adding images from scatch

Css can be placed in appearance > customize > additional css

Hey Mikescottdraws,

did this work for you? I tried both options but it didn’t work…



Hello @lucasaop,

You would have to edit the functions.php file located via Appearance > Editor > functions.php.

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