Change Font Size of Section Headers

I’ve renamed the section headers on my Front Page. However, I would like to resize them and make them bolder. Is there a CSS code that will change that without overriding my current customized CSS? I’ve tried using the other recommendation in other topics, but doesn’t work or doesn’t stay when I make other customizations. Any clues?

My page is Thank you!

It looks like h3 on your site has a default font weight of 100.

You could use the CSS h3 {font-weight:500!important} to increase the boldness of your h3 tags across your whole site.

Or you could use .front-page .section-header h3{font-weight:500!important} to only change the front page section headers. I think font-weight:bold; is a thing also if you don’t want to do it using number values.

Is that what you were thinking of?

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 17.53.02

Yes, it worked, but now my font style is gone. Should I add the additional code at the bottom of your response to restore it?

Hi @wyatt

Which font style is gone? please be more specific, provide screenshot or reference to the text :slight_smile: