Change from large image to medium

Hello again!

Right now my categories runs with “Blog image large” - Is it possible to change it to “blog image medium” ?

I’ve been looking for a while, but I cant find anything.

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This can’t be done via Theme Options and you’ll have to get your hands dirty by slightly modifying theme code. Here is one thread that explains how you can get done this modification.

Let me know if this helps.

Great thanks!

I have a new question for you aswell.

  1. Im using some smaller thumbnails than the default for the theme, is it possbile to move the text more to the left? I have already moved the image to the left. Look at the picture i have attached :slight_smile:

  2. How do I make post, headlines smaller?

Once again, thank you for great support and a wonderful theme!

Add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS. It will reduce title font size to 26px and bring content closer to featured image. You can changed values to get the results you were looking for.

.entry-title a {
    font-size: 26px;

.medium-wrap .post-featured-image {
    width: 28%;
    margin-right: 10px;

Hello, thanks for great help!

Is it okay, that i continue writing here - instead of creating a new thread?

Well i would like my categories to have 5 posts pr page - so after 5 post, there should come a “next page” button or something similiar. Is that possbile?

I’ve already been to Settings - Reading - 5 pr page

But as you can see here - - there will not come a button :frowning:

If I can donate some money to you, i would love to! Your help have been fantastic.

Maybe it’s a stupid question but are you sure that you have more than 5 posts in that exact category? Pagination appears automatically if there is more post on that page than you have selected under Settings - Reading.

It is the solution that fits my project best :slight_smile:

I’ve set it to 5 pr page. In the category i sent you, there are 6 posts - and it isn’t showing any pagination :frowning:

  1. Try to set something like 1 post per page to see if that works.

  2. If that doesn’t work try to open any page or post from that category (still keep number of posts per page to something small like 2-3 posts) for editing and just hit “Update” for that post. It will clear WordPress cache so it might help.

  3. If none of above helps then I have a really bad news for you. You will have to reinstall this theme as you have broken something crucial. After reinstall you won’t lose any customizations done via Theme Options or WordPress customizer but it will reset all changes you have made in the code.

Let me know if anything of above helps.

And you are sure that there isnt any code i can paste in? I would lose a lot of work :frowning:

The code was there when you started, so I am not sure what did you broke. Another options is to compare original theme files with your own and try to find what exactly did you broke.

Also you can try to enable WordPress debug mode by adding this line of code on wp-config.php:
define('WP_DEBUG', true); but there is no guarantee that it will throw any errors.

I’ve removed the navigation on each posts - the big ones, that were after the content. Can that have effected the pagination?

In some way its a pagination - it was just a problem for me, because I need to have the two categories’ content seperated :slight_smile:

I got it working!!!

I started looking for pagination plugins - and started playing with some coding.

I downloaded this plugin, and it, somehow, works now! :slight_smile:


it seems like a new error appears. The footer disapears now…

I got it working again - replaced the archieve file with the original one!