Change Header Background Image and Width

Hey there!

I currently have a website built in Dreamweaver, and am trying to recreate it in Wordpress:

I am building out a test version of this site here:

Currently, my yellow background is below my header. To the left and right of my header image is just white space. I’d like to change the width of my header to allow the background image to show. For example, in the site below, also built in your template, the purple background color does exactly what I am looking for:

Could you give me some hints as to what files I need to edit? I have edited several ‘header’ or ‘width’ options in the main CSS file in the Sparkling template, but they are not making the changes I would like.

Thanks a TON for this rad template! Moving away from Dreamweaver is going to make my life/job/business SO much easier!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

If I understood you correctly you are looking to get rid of white background from your image and make it transparent?

If so, you should create the same size image using photoshop, gimp or any other photo editor to remove this white background while keeping the same image size. Right, now theme is not generating any white background for your header but it is your image file which does that.

If this is not what you are trying to achieve, please give me some extra details or some screenshot on what you are trying to achieve. It was a bit difficult to follow. Sorry about that.