Change login page layout


I would lke to change my customer login page layout and also include a register option.

Like this Page I would like to put the login fields into a centered container and use placeholders ranther than the labels. Essentially I would like to copy exactly as shown in the exampleor as much as the theme allows me to.

Thank You

Hi @shahidul,

Thank you for your another question.

The theme doesn’t provide this type of functionality but you can try achieving this by using the following plugin and styling it developing custom CSS code.

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Hi Movin,

Is there anyway to add my own code to the page controlling the login and not have it disappear after an update.

I will figure out how to code it but where and to put it and avoid losing it is something I would need help in.

You can use any of the following plugins and add shortcode provided by them in the page content where you want to display login screen.