change logo size

Hello, I would like to make my logo a bit bigger… I have tried to upload different sizes of the logo but the size on the front page is still the same.
My website is I hope you can help me. Thank you!

Hey there

This is your logo which is displayed without crop or resize,
i think it has perfect size for this header layout

Hi guys. This is my first time using a Colorlib theme, thanks for offering illdy for free to test out. I too would like to know how to make the logo larger. I can’t find anything in the css. Any thoughts?

Hey there

@mediaspace thank you for your interest, please open new ticket and i will assist you with pleasure :slight_smile:

@Noda thanks so much, by new ticket do you mean start a new thread here in the support forum or is there somewhere specific for me to go to do so. :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience.

Yes, star new thread :slight_smile: