Change Menu Colors? Customize menu colors for Dazzling WP theme

I just installed your DAZZLING theme and like it very much. I’ve been able to customize it very nicely to suit my client’s website, including adjusting colors to the client’s preference.

However, I cannot find in the documentation, or in the support forum topics, or figure out on my own how to change the MAIN MENU item background color, hover text color, hover background color, active color, active background color, or the dropdown menu colors either.

Using INSPECT ELEMENTS I can see many of these colors are set with inline CSS, which of course overrides any linked stylesheets.

How can I change these mentioned colors to coordinate with my client’s preferred colors?

Thanks for a great theme, and I look forward to hearing the solution to this.


A lot of things can be colors can be changed via Theme Options, just test all options to see if you can find the right one for what you need.

If not please create some screenshot or some other visual to show what color goes where and I will try to put everything into code. Otherwise I have to teach you the entire CSS and HTML course. If that’s what you are after I would recommend to look into Treehouse website for online courses for beginners.

Okay, I found it.

It is in THEME OPTIONS > MAIN > ELEMENT COLOR. This was confusing to me because there are many different things to which the term “Element” could refer.

Perhaps you should change that label from “Element Color” to “Main Menu Item Background Color.” That would be more clear.

Also, I cannot find where the next item in the MAIN page of Theme Options, “Element Color On Hover” does anything at all. I set the “Element Color” to a nice blue, and the “Element Color On Hover” to bright red just to see what it did, and there’s no bright red anywhere on the page, no matter where I hover. What am I missing?

Thanks for being so responsive here on the forum.

“Element Color On Hover” changes hover color for buttons (regular buttons as well as search button, post navigation, page navigation, read more, back to top button and other elements). Depending on your website setup there might not be as many this kind of elements. However, there are several of these elements present on our demo.

Also “Element Color” changes these exact elements and not just navigation but again you might have a different setup in place with only few of these elements.


Just started out with Dazzling, want to change the main menu-selected item colour from green to blue - I can’t find THEME OPTIONS, under APPEARANCE. Is there a paid Dazzling version where that is applicable only? i.e, not in the free version?

Thanks in advance


All settings since version 2.0 ar moved to Theme Customizer which you can find under Appearance >> Customize. Settings are still there but looks slightly different but you can achieve the same result.

Also there are no premium version for Dazzling and we plan to keep it free.

Thank you, much appreciated.

HI, when I click on Customize I get a blank page - i’m wanting to change the color of links and menu etc too

Hi @leighross,

Please post a separate thread and we will answer you there.

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Here my h1 text color has changed. How to make it normal gray color please help.

Hello @rajdipdas,

I hope you are doing well today.

As stated before, please post a separate thread along with a link to your website and we will answer you there.

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