Change menu font colour in header of Illdy

Hi, I am trying to change the font colour of my navigation menu in the header to black, but I cant seem to find anywhere that gives me the option to change it?

Can someone please tell me how I can achieve this?


Also cant figure out how to change the title of my page and tagline on my posts page to black

please help!

Hey there

Looks like you already did this :slight_smile: colors of the menu are the blank on your website, can you confirm?

Yes I was able to change the navigation menu colour however I am still having issues with the colours on 2 things

  1. On the main page of the blog page, the word BLOG is in white and its hard to see ontop of the white marble background, I need to to be in black… the title on every other page shows in black except for that one. Here is the link -

  2. In my actual blog posts themselves the links still show up as yellow even though I have changed all of the accent colours. I need them to show up in this colour #6f2e7d Here is the link for example -

Thank you so much

Hello, I have the same issue and would like to keep the background color of the top menu White and the color of the font of the menu black.

At the moment I am using a green background in order to be able to see the white text…

Where can we change this?