Change Mobile Menu

I love your theme and i would love to keep this theme for our website. Although many of our customers when using the mobile version find it a struggle to use the menu when on the home page, we would preferably like all pages within the navigation to be shown on the home page, not from a dropdown menu. Is this possible? If so how can i change the navigation menu for mobile.

You will have to play around with @media elements inside CSS to get rid of mobile menu and replace it with regular menu. This takes a bit of time modifying, so it is not in scope of free support.

Another options is to make desktop version to appear on mobile altogether without responsive layout.

You just need to remove this code snippet from header-extensions.php file located in theme folder - library - structure.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">

hi Algars,

I have this theme already installed with my content. how can I disable mobile site all together through CISS, I have clicked onto the editor and cant find the header-extensions.php or library - structure theme folder.

I also want to chnge the mobile menu in the regular desktop menu - but I do not find the .php or the library - structure folder. Do you have any advise?? Thank you very much