Change of WP Paralax widgets on landing page of theme


I have these [Shapely] Parallax Section For FrontPage widgets on my landing page.
The problem is, that they contain “Title” inputs, and these Titles has specific “H1 - H6” , which are ofcourse in order they should´t be when I put the sections on page. I wish to look into the code and rewrite the H1-H6 settings in the specific sections so they go in good order how they are supossed to. I will maybe have to copy the sections few times and make them as new elements with specific ID.
The problem is ,that I cant find the files in the project, can you help me please?

OR is there some other way how to set wether section has H1 or some other?

Thank you

Good morning

The files you need are included in the Shapely companion plugin :wink: