Change or translate “No comments” name on front page

hello! thank you for a great theme!
i have just one little “problem”, i want to change the text “No comments” on the first page. i read something about a translation file, is this necessary? it’s only this I have left to change…

You can change this text via translation files if you are using other language than English. If you are using English then you will have to change this text in the actual code.

Code related to “No comments”, “1 Comment”, etc is located in file called content-extensions.php which you can find inside theme folder → library → structure.

thank you for fast reply. sorry though to bother you again…

is it this text I have to change? i fond 4 or or 5 of these. i did, but nothing happened… here i have translated into swedish.

( ‘inga kommentarer’, ‘travelify’ ), __( ’1 kommentar’, ‘travelify’ ), __( ‘% kommentarer’, ‘travelify’ ),

Each one is for different Blog template and one is for Singe post itself.
Since you are looking to translate this theme I would strongly recommend to look into translating it properly:

It will be much easier since you won’t need to touch an actual code.

If you translate this theme entirely I would appreciate if you could send it to me so I can add it to the theme installation. Of course I will feature you here on this blog as well as on theme itself.