Change/remove background image page specific

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I would like to change/remove the background image and change it to a white color or the default background color.
Could you help me out?

Thanks in advance.

(I’ve seen the other posts and you guys really do a good job in replying.)

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I hope you are doing well today.

Could you please provide a link to the website so that we can see the element you want to be changed?

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This is the website:
I want only the homepage to have the background picture.

Hey there,
Hope you’re doing well today

In order to change the background image, you’ll need to go to Appearance > Customize > Background Image. You may remove or replace it from there.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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THanks for the reply.
I would like to keep it on the front page (the background image), but for all the other pages I want it to be removed.

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I would also like to know how to have a different background for each page. Either a chosen image or colour different for each page.