Change Search Results Title

Hi Aigars,
I’m working with WPML on a bilingual blog. Works fine so far!
However, if I’m looking for something on the blog via the search bar, the title in the browser title bar of the search results is always displayed in German “Du hast nach… gesucht” (which should be in English “You searched for…”). It’s showing in German on both the English and German sites.
This is the site, if it helps:
I have already checked the .po files of the theme, the plugin and WP, but can’t find it there. Do you know where I can change this? I need it to be displayed in both languages accordingly.

Hi @soraya,

Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

Could you please try using the solution posted in the following reply in the functions.php file of your child theme?

Best Regards,
Vinod Dalvi

Hi Vinod,
thanks for your reply! I tried inserting the code at different lines, but my page always goes blank.
Can you tell me in which line I have to insert the code?

Hi @soraya,

You have to insert the code in the bottom of your functions.php file and it should be in opening and closing PHP tags.

You can share me your functions.php file code so that i can check whether you have added it correctly.

You can share the code by pasting it on the site and sharing its Unique URL here.

Vinod Dalvi