Change 'Select Options' redirect

How do I change the redirect when someone presses the ‘Select Options’ button on the homepage? It now adds the product to their cart without letting them select their color. It seems to use the ajax_add_to_cart while I want it to use the woocommerce-LoopProduct-link woocommerce-loop-product__link like on all the other pages. Where can I change this?

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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Here’s an example:

Literally every website with variable products powered by Tyche has the exact same issue.

Any solution?

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The developer has been notified of the issue with variable products
Unfortunately don’t have a temporary solution at this moment either.
Please bear with us as we work to get it resolved.

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I have the same problem. Has a fix been found/made yet in a new update?


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