Change sliding behavior of search box

Currently shapely theme provides sliding behavior for search box in two cases:

  1. When user hovers over magnifying glass icon.
  2. When user hovers over search box itself.
    (See attached photo for both cases, or check my website’s top menu at

I want to change this behavior so that search box is activated (it slides down) when user hovers over or clicks on magnifying glass only. Basically turn off hovering activation over search box itself.

Could you help me with some custom CSS for that or any other solution?

EDIT: the issue then will be probably how to keep a search box when user is typing. Can we somehow make it stick until user finishes typing? Or maybe slide from the side? I really don’t like it sliding upwards over the rest of my menu items.


Hey there

Sorry for the delay looks like you already found a solution, I see no search icon in the menu, it’s moved on the sidebar