Change text color in home parallax section

I need to change color of text framed in the attached file.
I tried different solutions I found in this forum, but nothing worked.
I’d really apreciatte any help. Thanks in advance.
PS: url is

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
I see you already changed color, the heading is green and text grey, are you able to resolve your problem?

Colorlib Support Team

It would be really cool to know how @fluzzo did it, I’m trying to find out how to do exactly the same. Changing the text colors for a single parralax section without affecting the rest.
Should I create a new topic for this? Is it ok to continue in this one?
Thanks and have a nice day!

I want to do that too for some parallax sections on the front page. I’d like to use a dark colored background, but need to change the title and text to white - just in that parallax. I’d also like to know how to change text color for posts on pages with a darker background.


Hey @aggrocultor @dear1,

Here’s an easy way to do this.

Using Chrome add the following extension: Copy CSS Selector

Now thats activated all you’ll have to do is hover over the text you’d like to change, right click and copy selector.
Then you’ll add that to the custom CSS section of the theme, and add the additional code to change color.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

/*your code will look like this*/
#shapely_home_parallax-3 > section > div > div > div.col-md-4.col-md-offset-1.col-sm-5.col-sm-offset-1 > div > div > p{

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Thanks for the clue. Using Safari 11.0.3 on my Mac. Looked through the developer tools and found css style sheets, but never found anything that indicated I was in a widget.

Tried dropping the code you gave us above for the parallax # I was working with, but it didn’t work either.

Thanks anyway. Appreciate your time.

Hi, @aggrocultor and everyone.

I spent several hours trying to figure it out. Finally, old school saved my day.

Warning: not an elegant or sophisticated solution at all. But it worked.

Type IN THE WIDGET BOX (no matter if title or content):

<p style="font-size:30px;color:#009900">Whatever your text</p>

using your own values.

So easy! Even embarrasing…

You’re welcome!:wink:

fluzzo! Thank you so much. The text in the body of the widget turned white for me. The title turned white, but it won’t take the size and now it’s the same size at the text. This portion of the code keeps evaporating when I put it in the Title field. (font-size:30px). The font size code also evaporated in the text box BUT at least the color changed.
Like you, I’ve spent hours and days on this…

I’m against a deadline now. Will have to come back to it once it’s published.
Thanks for keeping it simple and letting me know it’s possible. I do want that effect eventually.

Hi there

dear1 please provide url of your website and tell me what exactly you want to change and where, :slight_smile:

Hi Noda,
Here is my link.
I just opened it tonight to show you… it’s not finished and will go private again soon.

On the front page in the fourth parallax, I used the customizer–> Theme options —> background colors to change the background to a deep blue near our logo color (#336cb7). Of course the grey text disappeared - title and paragraph because there wasn’t enough contrast.
I also lost the top button because it was too close in tone. I changed the back ground color back to normal.

The background color goes universally across the pages and posts, too, which means the text, headers, buttons, etc. would have to change to white or light on all those pages.

I love this theme and have spent many days and nights working on it to figure out what each box/button does and reading all the shapely support forum back 17 pages.

I think it would save so many people so much time if there could be control over the fonts sizes and colors in a future update. Maybe that’s too hard to do and keep it responsive across the different devices.

I have been brought to tears of frustration, too, over trying to get videos to work. Back in November when I first started working with this, some photographer used shapely and got absolutely stunning videos to play in the portfolio section. I wish I’d bookmarked it, but I changed computers. He had videos of award winning pastry artists preparing high tea at some famous place in London. I know it can be done; just can’t figure it out. The two plug-ins for video that are recommended in the shapely forum don’t work - they’ve been discontinued.

I am trying to get testimonial videos on my front page - we build homes for orphans in Mexico, and we need some that potential team leaders and donors can see on the front page. I finally got videos from the iPhone posted on youtube, but the shapely video box never worked right… eternally looped when it did. The other video widget option - maybe from jetpack - works but the video is GIANT like a whole parallax, and there is no way to put a decent title on it. What’s there is very weak. It would be awesome If the videos could go in the image boxes in the parralaxs, or maybe 4 videos across of reasonable size.

As it is, I crammed four videos into the tiny widgets in the footer and the text is too big. I need my footer back for footer stuff, and can’t get the videos out of the boxes. Just so frustrating.

Anyway, I see that you are always faithful to follow up and I appreciate that this is a free theme and it’s beautiful, and that support only works on one little topic at a time. It just takes so long to discover what can and can’t be done in the theme.

I appreciate that you are listening. That’s really the most helpful thing right now. The last few days I have given up on trying to change the text color and now I’ve got my Events in and am building other pages. I don’t have the time or the heart to go back and change the color scheme, especially since that background color will go through every page and so ALL the text color will change. I don’t have time to screw it up and try to fix it again, plus I have the challenge of migrating our URL hosted elsewhere, to my server and putting this Shapley site on the new URL. I understood tonight that that is super risky, too.

In two weeks we have a potential donor coming to look at our capabilities on the ground here in Texas and Mexico. Our current website is a dealbreaker and the man who has connected us says I HAVE TO HAVE this professional looking site together before the donor gets here. I am trying not to cry. I’ve been working on this off and on since November, and day and night now for weeks.

I picked Shapely because it’s visually clean and your demo is so peaceful to look at.

If you could tell me how to get the footer back to it’s original state (4 empty widgets) that would be helpful. If I “remove it,” will it go back on the right side of the customizer and I can drag it back left again with 4 empty footer widgets? Or does “remove” just eliminate the footer widgets completely forever?

And if you come across how to put videos in the portfolio pages I’d like to know that, too.

If you feel like crying now, I understand. You have other customers and it’s free support. You can tell me it will be okay, and I’ll figure it out. I just have to adjust my expectations, get a site ready to go before the donor gets here, and then work on it more after that. It’s already 3:00 a.m. and I have to go to Mexico in the morning.

Thanks for listening, Noda. I know my site is rough, although the front page is pretty close. I just have to find a way to get more out of my testimonials than the Shapely parallax can do, and get general footer info in the footer.

If you want to be amazed, watch the video in parallax 9. It’s only about 3 minutes. Our guys have built a 4600+ sf home for 12 orphan boys and 2 sets of house parents. That was the start of it. It’s taken awhile to finish, but it’s finally ready to occupy. The tune is snappy, too, and ought to get you going for the rest of the day.

Bless you, Noda. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for listening. Sheri

Good evening @dear1

First of all, guys, you are doing an amazing job and I appreciate it, I love what you do and want to help you to design your website :slight_smile:
Secondly,… o my good :slight_smile: this is blog post rather than support question, :slight_smile: I think we must change approach here and we need to change something in between to better understand each other, lets start from this, please open new ticket, (Because this is not your ticket and 2 other customers are participating in this ticket,) i thought you wanted something small but i guess we need new ticket now. secondly, when you post a question, please keep it as short as possible, it’s not necessary to for as to know while the history of the website development, we just need to know few things:
what is not working? where exactly is it not working? and link to the actual problem (page URL, not homepage URL) and a screenshot if its necessary, i understand, you want to include everything but trust me, this is all we want to know regarding the problem, :slight_smile: at the bottom you can include everything not related to the problem and you can be sure we will read it and respond :slight_smile:

Wating for you in the new ticket :slight_smile:

Hi again,
I think the answers obtained here will work for me.
Thanks a lot!

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Ok, im going to close this ticket, i think everyone received an answer here :slight_smile:
if anyone has same question please open new ticket