Change text of "read more" button from latest news


I need to change the text in the “Read more” button that shows up by default in the Latest News section. This site’s in spanish so it needs to be translated.

Can someone point me towards the solution?

Hello Pipo,

You should find the read more text inside the theme folder on the FTP server > sections > front-page-latest-news.php > line 65

Let me know if you got it alright.


Yes, thank you very much!

Hi. Thx for the fix but how can I change the read more txt one the blog page?


Found it so no worries… Alex

Dear all!

i recently updated the Activello theme and i dont know why, maybe has an authomatic translation but my “Read more” button that in Spanish is “Leer más” now has a big mistake and appears “Lea más”.

I tried all the things that you explained in this foro but nothing works. I dont remember have changed the text of this button never, so if i see the HTML/CSS code appears in English but i can’t find the code with the current phrase “Lea más”.

Please, could you help me asap? Is very weird that quote…

Best regards,

Hello Sandra,

Please address this issue in the correct forum section as here we are taking care of another theme, Illdy.

Kind regards