Change the view of the catgorylist


i´m trying to change the catgory overview from 1 coloumn to a two coloumns view, so that the thumbnails will show in two coloumns side by side,
please could you give me a advice thatfore.

Tank you

Do nobody can help me?

I will try to explain it a little better.

On the view of the catagorys, is there a list of the categorys in a row below but i would get the overview like that there are 3 categories in a row an the other 3 one in a second columne in a row.

thank you for your help

This is request for custom development and is in no way related to theme setup, light customization and configuration therefore we can’t help with that. For custom development you should hire someone from oDesk or to do the job for you.

Sorry for inconvenience.