Change widget fonts


How do I change the widget fonts? I tried using a plugin TK Google fonts but it does not change the widget in the side bar and footer fonts.

Also is it possible to change the fonts of new page titles to be h2 or h3 instead of h1?

Thank you


  1. If that didn’t work, try some Custom CSS classes, like .widget .widget-title or .widget li you can also try this plugin,
  2. Create a child theme using this, Child Themes « WordPress Codex after that create a folder named /template-parts/content-page.php and inside that create the content-page.php in the child theme file ( Copy the parent theme file content to the child theme, then ), edit the line #22 change the h1 to h2 or h3. If you’re stuck at this, let me know, I will create the file for you!

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