Changes in update to 1.2.2 (#site-navigation.fixed)

Dear Noda,

What I found is this:

With the update one of the updated files is assets/js/shapely-scripts.js
Line 97 to 114 deals with “// Fix nav to top while scrolling”

With the update to 1.2.2 it is embraced by an “if statement” (line 95 and the closing bracket in line 115. In version 1.2.1 the if statement was not there.

If you remove the “if statement” everything works normal.
I am not really happy with changing anything (and I mean it!) at the theme. So I would kindly ask you to consider if this needs to be looked at. Maybe the code does not actually produce what was intended?

Again, I do not want to confuse, I actually just want to help. If you say, this is not the solution, maybe you have something better?

Best regards


Hi Marking

Thank you for your efforts and willingness to help we really appreciate it,
i just opened the case for our developer, you can see it as well for updates:

meanwhile you can use solution by you, if it workes then i have nothing to add

Hi Noda,

thank you for letting me know. I will follow the thread on GitHub.
Appreciate the theme and the support - thank you again for your patience and help!


You can see some update in the github issues :wink: