Changes Made Will Not Save For Illdy WordPress Theme

Hi all,

I have just installed this theme and updated Wordpress as I was very behind with keeping up to date.

I changed various items in the customisation interface - but when I save it and exit the changes are lost.

Can you let me know if there is a fix for this?


Hi Alex,

I’m not quite sure that the problem is. You’re saying that once you saved the changes and exited, they were lost ?

Colorlib Support.

Me to.
I uncheck “Show this section?”
then “Save & Publish”
It seems this issue was raised here

Is there an update/fix due?
And when there is an update do we lose all our input or not?
Do we need a child theme with this?

Hi guys,

please update the theme to the latest version, using this link:

Colorlib Support.