Changing Colors - change the yellow standard

First, congratulations your theme is very amazing and perfect. I need to change the colors of buttons and texts that are yellow, how do it?


Thank you for the kind words and for using our theme!

Since there is no custom color picker for the theme, achieving this would require extensive custom work that clearly falls short to the free support scope.

I can assist and guide you, though.

For example, this CSS code takes care of the header button and bullets color:

#header .bottom-header .header-button-two {
    background: #f1d204;
#header .bottom-header span.span-dot {
    color: #ffde00;

The way forward is to access the mail css file (/wp-content/themes/illdy/layout/css/main.min.css) and deal with the color codes that handles the elements.

Best regards

Hi Colorlib Support Guru,

I tried to follow your replies in past threads about changing the yellow jumbotron button into other colours and also the latest news “Read More” yellow link into other color. I installed Simple CSS plugin and entered this whole chunk of code below into Simple CSS but the yellow still remains.
My website is

#header .bottom-header .header-button-two { background: #126BB9; } #header .bottom-header .header-button-two:hover { background: #126BB9; }

#latest-news .latest-news-button{
background: #126BB9;
#latest-news .latest-news-button:hover{
background: #126BB9;

I also tried to download the main.min.css file from FTP and replaced all the FFDE00 with 126BB9 and upload back into the /wp-content/themes/illdy/layout/css folder but it still shows yellow color. Is there something I did wrongly?

Thank you for your help!

Your theme is really wonderful to use and beautiful to view!