Changing colors in theme and menu in gallery


I would like to change the colors of the theme in my own colors. Is it possible to help me for the css ?
1/ The colors of the buttons in color #c9a87f
2/ The colors of the links in color #fa4357
3/ The colors of the links mouse over in color #f95731
4/ The colors of the text in the slider in color #251c13 (because all my sliders are with a white background and so we cant read what is written)
5/ The colors of the little lines on the front page in the content widget area in color #d0cfbb

I would also like to have a full width gallery. I don’t need the rightside menu. With the menu, my gallery shows only 2 images per row and I have a lot of images to show. Is that possible ?

Thanks by advance.

Good evening

Thank you for question dear but we such a long list of the tasks is nothing but customization, all your question is customization related, we support only theme related question, getting started and similar problems, of course, i could help you with several custom CSS codes but not with such a long list (and i believe after this more will appear after this ) in this case its better to find someone who will help you to customize existing theme styles or options,
i hope we understand each other :slight_smile: