Changing Design

Hi, i’m new to colorlib. Is it legal to changing the design of the template? Like changing the website title color, navigation color, and changing the font style? Because i want something different with this template. Hope for quick reply. Thankyou.

Hi @codedroid,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Yes it’s free theme and released under GNU General Public License so you can change it however you want.

Please advise if you have more questions.

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Thanks @Movin for your quick reply. I’m very appreciating your fast response :slight_smile:

So, i can change it however i want? Then how if i remove copyright on the footer that says : “Unite theme powered by Wordpress”?

Yes you can change it however you want and can also remove the copyright from the footer :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your reply, @Movin :slight_smile:

But, i have one question again : I want to change the font on the body and on each post, how can i change it?
I know there’s an option to change the body’s font style in Theme Options > Typography, but i want to change the font with font that i will take from google font.

Hi @codedroid,

You will have to develop custom code or WordPress plugin to achieve this.

You will find some information about it on the following related threads.

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Thankyou @Movin for your support. I’m really appreciate your help so far. This topic is solved, i’m using Easy Google Fonts plugin that you gave on another topic.

Once again, thank you very much. Keep going :slight_smile:

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: