Changing Font for Pages and Posts

Hello! On my website, I am seeing a different font for the post and pages than is shown for the navigation, sidebars, footer and widgets. Times New Roman is shown on the posts and pages, which I do not want.

I followed your suggestion from an earlier post and put this code in the Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS:

body {
font-family: Tahoma;

This changed the font in the navigation, sidebars, footer and widgets, but NOT on the pages or posts.

I checked the text edit screen for my posts and also for the pages to be sure no code for the font family was accidentally embedded in with the content. It is not.

I also want to change the size of the font for the post and pages

Can you please tell me where and how to make these two changes?

You can view the site here:

Thank you for your help.

The font used actually is “Helvetica Neue” and not Times New Roman. You can change font for posts and pages by adding this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS. Just make sure to use the font you like.

.entry-content {
  font-family: Sans-serif;

Hi Aigars! Thank you for your response. It works beautifully. Perhaps my computer doesn’t have the Helvetica Neue font so it defaulted to Times New Roman.

In any event, I prefer the Sans-serif to serif, so this works fine.

Thank you!