Changing Font on illdy


I love illdy. Great theme!

I’ve set up a child theme, but not sure how to best change the font of all the headings. Can you advise which files or folders to recreate in the child theme?

I would also like to know how to best change the background color of the different sections. Like the “Services” section.


Hello Justin,

There are a series of file that handles the CSS.

First, the root folder style.css that imports the following files

@import 'layout/css/main.min.css';
@import 'layout/css/custom.min.css';

All the styles can be found in the main.min.css, but the code is not really user friendly since it’s a minified file, but you could change the import in the style.css to the main.css file.

The way forward would be to change the CSS in the main file, but you can overwrite those rules by using a 3RD party plugin like Simple Custom CSS or use the code at the end of the file.

From this point, all you need is to track down the selectors or inspect element and get the selector to change the style.

For the headers, the code should look like this:

.front-page-section .section-header h3{
    font-family: "Source Sans Pro",sans-serif !important;
    font-size: 30px !important;
    color: #000 !important;

This should get you forward with the design, let me know otherwise.

Best regards