Changing "OLDER/NEWER POSTS" to actual post title


Thank you for the awesome theme! I’m enjoying it so much, but one thing,

I’d like to change the links at the bottom of the posts, OLDER/NEWER POST to actual post titles. Once I enter the actual post, the links show the other posts’ titles, but not on the top/post index pages…

I tryed to edit the “template-tags.php” but it already says “%title” where it’s supposed to…

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Sorry but this will require customization, but there is some other methods as well

  1. you can hide prev/next links and at the bottom of your pst you can add linked post titles to your posts,
  2. you can find third-party plugins to achieve this goal, i believe there will be a bunch of plugins for this problem
    Colorlib Support Team


Thank you for your support!

I have questions regards to the ideas you suggested.

  1. how can I hide OLDER/NEWER POSTS links?

  2. Do you know any plug-ins that suits to the needs?

Hey there

  1. i can help you here, but i need url of one of your post
  2. well, there is a big choice of such plugin, just search them,
    something like this:
    WP Post Navigation – WordPress plugin |