changing page title size, font, header colours, header size help please!

Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum so I apologise if I ask some very stupid questions. I need some help with headings and titles and font sizes and colours.

To start off here is my website:

if you see on the homepage underneath the slider it says “WHAT WE DO…” there is an odd long gap between that and the next sentence which says “we will beat any quote” and then that heading is too close to the “best price guaranteed” piece of text which is underneath.

can anyone help me space It out evenly.


if you read the text on the homepage… you will see there are some questions and answers, for example “Where are we based?” I would like to change the colour of each question to the purple so that the questions stand out. but I do not want to increase the size of the questions. I do not know how to do this.

Any help will be very very appreciated as I have been stuck on this all day.

I am using the travelify theme.


  1. You seriously want to use 250px large font?

If so you can style it something like this:

.home h1 {
    line-height: 220px;
    margin-bottom: 30px;
  1. To change font color you can use inline styling like this:

<b style="color: #691CA8">We take Business and Public Orders!</b>

I formated bold <b> but you can use it with paragraph tags as well <p>. These inline styles can be added via HTML editor, not WordPress visual editor.


Why you post the same message over and over again on completely irrelevant threads when I have already answered your question?

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