Changing "reply" text in comment area

If you take a look at this page running on travelify, you can see that my site is in Persian but I have the “reply” text after each comment. I want to replace it with its Persian translation. I looked for it in comment.php and style.css and couldn’t find it. Where can I change it?
And another thing I want to change in that section is the word “at” in the date of the comment. In Persian it is extra and I just want to remove that “at”.
I would be grateful if you could help we with these two issues.
Thanks a lot in advance for your kindness.


Finally your site is working. It was done for the last few days or took 5 minutes or more to load therefore I couldn’t help with any of your questions.

These values are included on theme translation files and should be translated just like everything else.

I would really appreciate if you could send me translation files when you are done with translation, so I can include it with theme package.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for the reply. I will check the translation files and let you know.
I also posted another question regarding the problem I had with the direction of text in the comment area. It seems the moderators did not approve of it to appear on the site because I cannot see that question of mine here. I would be grateful if you could kindly take a look at that question of mine, too.
Thank you!

Dear Aigars,
Now I know how to translate your templates. But what should I do for your templates to fit the direction of right-to-left languages like my language (Persian in Iran)?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: