Changing Social Media Icon - add Github icon for Travelify theme

Hey! Awesome theme I changed flickr’s social media ico to github I am still using social_flickr in the code as I did not want to break anything but I did change the genericons id as well as the hover color.

I ended-up editing Style.css in the root
theme-options.php under library\panel
themeoptions-default under library\panel
header-extensions.php under library\structure

Everything is working apart from the fact that the tooltip still says “Blog name on Flickr” when in reality I would like it to say “Blog name on GitHub” I did change all the dictionary associations.

‘Flickr’ => ‘social_flickr’, became ‘GitHub’ => ‘social_flickr’,

but it still displaying flickr as the name… I dont get it I was sure that changing that in the header-extensions.php would fix.

Sorry for late response. Somehow didn’t notice this thread.

I am not sure what you are doing wrong but I went ahead and added Github icon for this theme by default. You can already download this theme version from Github. It will take some time before it becomes available via automated update from