Changing the appearance of the theme on mobile devices?

I have some questions regarding the theme on a mobile device:

  1. When viewing the Website with the Travelify theme on a mobile device the title and excerpt of the featured slider is not shown, but the images. Is there a way to get the titles an excerpt to show (also in a size keeping inside the images)?

  2. The menu is displayed as a drop-down menu on a mobile device. Is there an option that is is displayed as in the normal appearance on a pc?

  3. The sidebar with the widgets is shown at the end on a mobile device. Is there an option that the sidebar is displayed right as in the normal case on a pc?

My webpage:

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  1. You’re probably going to have a hard time getting all that text to hold on the image, however, the CSS below will display it and set the width to fill the image. It will look pretty bad, however, to get the text to show, just add and save the following code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px){
.featured-title, .featured-content, .featured-text {
width: 72%!important;
display: block!Important;
From this, you’ll probably see why it’s disabled by default.

  1. You’ll probably have to get a third party plugin for this as the menu drop-down feature is hardcoded into the theme and would be rather difficult to remove if you’re not overriding it with a plugin.
    Kindly search for a suitable plugin.

  2. Unfortunately, our mobile devices aren’t wide enough to get the widgets on the side, as a result, the best thing we could do is to add them after the content. At the moment, there isn’t a way to add the widgets on the side without cutting into the width of the main content.

Sorry for the inconveniences experienced here.

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Thanks for the quick response.

Now the text of the slider is visible, but it is not in place and some text is missing (see the screenshot). Is it possible to display the title and text only in front of the slider picture, so that it is not running out of the screen?

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Does nobody has an idea for that question above - how to keep the text in front of the slider image on mobile view?

Another question:
The quality of the chosen article pictures displayed on the main(start) page of the blog is a little bit poor. I think the images are compressed for that. Is there an option, that the images are displayed in better (full) quality?

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sorry, but does anyone has an idea for that question above – how to keep the text in front of the slider image on mobile view?