Changing the layout / body of the Comments fields


my biggest question is: How / where can I change the layout of the comment box.
It is quite a big/large one, and I want to make it smaller.


  • the text of the button I would like to edit.
  • removing the line of the ‘HTML attributes’

In short: Is there a sollution where I can change the complete layout?
Maybe there is a good or recommend plugin for this? I haven’t found any so far.




  1. You can change comment body textarea height and width by adding this simple CSS to Custom CSS field that you can find under Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other.
textarea#comment {
  height: 100px;
  width: 400px;
  1. You can remove allowed HTMl tags below comment body text area by adding this code to the above mentioned Custom CSS field:
#form-allowed-tags {
  display: none;

If everyone would be able to create website layout just by clicking button then there won’t be a need for developers and designers. We are still around and unless you don’t know basic coding there is now way to change things unless there is a Theme Options available for it. There are loads of options to change colors for this theme, so maybe that helps.

Let me know if there is anything else.

Thanks for the reply,

I wondered for several days, but finally found a plugin!
This is for a kind of memorial website, if you want to check it out: it is in dutch.

Indeed it would be very easy making everything changeable with a button.

Thanks a million!