Changing the logo image

Hello Aigars it’s me again.

I am having a problem with changing the “Logo image”, I went to
dashboard-appearance-theme options-header options-header logo-upload logo

But when I select an image and add it in the “Upload logo” text box remains empty and nothing changers in the header…?

Any ideas what could be the problem?


Didn’t you forget to click “Insert into Post” button once image was uploaded?

You can alternatively just copy/paste the logo url in that field and save changes to make your logo visible.

I am certain that this option works on Chrome and it is handled by WordPress core media uploader but would like to know what browser do you use, so I can test it. And what image format did you use?

Hi Aigars, the browser is firefox, and the image file is .png, I couldn’t get the logo insert to work using the WordPress core media uploader option, (I did use the insert into post option! :slight_smile:

But I took your advice and directly copied the URL into the logo upload box and that seems to work fine.
Thanks very much.