Child Theme and style.css doesn't work with Travelify

Very new to wordpress, themes, and the like. I do know a little about html, but not a ton. I’m trying to change text font size and menu bar color. I saw the above about the color and I made the changes but they didn’t take effect. I’m assuming I have a cache issue, and have refreshed the page but no luck. Any suggestions where to find the cache and how to clean. Thanks for the help with what I’m sure to be many questions.



PS I’m working on a local MAMP server set up (or whatever it’s called).

Things you might want to try:

  • Try updating any Post/Page. Just open it and hit update button. This clens WordPress cache.
  • If that doesn’t help try hitting cmd+shift+R (I assume you are using Mac since you have MAMP installed.) This function does hard refresh on Google Chrome for website you are viewing.

If these steps doesn’t work try adding something completely ridiculous inside style.css or remove random chunk of code form it just to see if it is working.

I am developing this theme on MAMP as well, so there shouldn’t be any issues with that.

Figured it out–Safari now hides the cache and I had to unhide the folders to find it, then delete. Simply refreshing the page doesn’t work anymore. . . .

Thanks for the help, by the way