Child theme installed and totally different - mostly just words no format

I think I have successfully made a child theme for Travelify but after I installed it it looks terrible! It not anything like what my theme was before and truly doesn’t even fit the template for travelify.

Here’s the website:

Here’s what I put in my style.css folder:
Theme Name: travelify-child
Theme URI:
Description: Child theme for the travelify theme
Author: Colorbib
Author URI:
Template: travelify
Version: 1.5.0
@import url("…/travelify/style.css");

Here’s what I’ve put into my child theme folder (I have only edited the style.css):

I added the editor file and the header file after the problem presented itself and it did not change the problem in anyway :frowning:

I’ve been googling and searching this process for days and I’m lost.
Please help ~ Thank you in advance

  • screenshot.png (sorry not php)

And btw When I re-activate the Parent theme everything looks perfect - except the menu is on top of my slider pictures… That is new. But I just really want my child theme to function :confused:

It really depends on what you added on those files. The setup does look ok, but content of those files is the most important part. Especially what is inside header.php

I didn’t change any of those files. I changed the style.css to only include the text I showed further up on the thread and then I went back and deleted the file and re-copied it and left all the other text in it along with filling in the proper stuff from up there ^ but it still didn’t change. I love the theme btw - I had it looking super too I just didn’t want to lose the work with the updates so I’m really wanting to figure out this child-theme dilemma. Thank you for trying to help.

Ok, now I see what is going on. You must name Child Theme folder as travelify-child and nothing else. The name you are using now TravelifyChildTheme will not work.

You are amazing!!! Thank you so much :slight_smile: I am so excited that it worked and now I can get on with tweaking my design Thank you

Glad I could help :slight_smile: