Child theme is broken

in one of the old support tickets I raised, the solution i was given is to have child theme installed. It was working perfectly for over a year now. But it stopped working recently. With child theme I cannot have media library load properly on my post page. It just stay in the loading phase forever! I’ve included screenshot, please help.

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Does the media library work properly with the parent theme activated?

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Yeap, it works with parent theme.

Can i check this from backend? Please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box
Username: DSsupport
password: MB#A2A8vmb1vFjiVu^moZT

I prefer not to install a plugin just for this if that is ok. Login details above, I will change password after you finish.

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I see all images in the media, they are displayed normally i can see you are using imagify plugin for this but images are visible, is this ok for you? if no then i have to deactivate all plugin to debug your problem, without this i cant do anything :frowning:

This is the first time I see 56 active plugins, is this really necessary on this tiny website?

Hi it has nothing to do with plugins, my host has identified the problem with the child theme. Please read my first comment, I’ve attached a screenshot as well in my original post that will help to clear things up. I’ve tested their theory, when I open a post, click on ‘add media’, pictures are not showing. When I change my theme back to parent theme, it is working.

I DO NOT have problem with media (i am aware all images are visible). I have problem when I do post->add media

Please please read my original comment. It has all the information.


Without all plugin deactivation, we cant processed, this is standard procedure in WordPress problem troubleshooting, you can create a backup of your website before doing this but without plugins deactivation, i cant to anything,
you can also try to clip php code from your child theme to see is this a problem generated by the child theme or not

Hi, my host has deactivated all the plugins before, problem was not solved. That is how they identified the problem was with child theme, not with plugins. When they changed child theme back to parent theme, it start working again. (Please read the the beginning of this post, I’ve got a screenshot there explained this)

If you cannot help with child theme related problem, can you please direct this thread to someone else?


Dear dailysurprises I understand you and if you want to know yes, I’ve read your message :slight_smile:
if you want to know true i can’t trust anyone when, when there is a problem we have a standard procedure of troubleshooting it, if you don’t want to do this its ok for me, but we cant move from this point, if your hosting deactivated plugin, why we cant, do this?
Now, let’s imagine this is not a plugin, have you seen my previous reply to your child theme code?
Its impossible for the child theme to generate such a problem if its really not plugins then this is your customization in the child theme, blank child theme cant do such thing, it impossible in nature :wink:

Fair enough. I understand. You can go ahead and disable plugins as long as you can put my website back to its original state when you finish.

My login details are in the previous ‘private reply’


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The login credentials do not seem to be working.

In this case, you may need to recreate the child theme using the following plugin:

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