Child theme using set Customizer settings?

I am testing theme Shapely. After setting some customizations through Customizer in the main theme I created a child theme.
This works fine but all settings (like logo for example) are default again.
Is there a way to use the settings from Shapely main theme and child theme interchangeably?
Do I need to add something to my functions.php in the child theme to achieve this?

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Unfortunately, I’m not sure I understand, did you change the main themes options? Are you overwriting the settings with others from the child theme?
Kindly share with me some more details on your child theme so that I may be able to advise further.
Hope to hear from you soon.
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I just started out with the theme itself, set some options and settings. As I liked the way the theme is working I decided to go a step further and created a child theme for it along the lines that WP specifies.
I do not want to introduce new theme settings merely my own small customizations (like a debug button for example or small style changes to a template like adding my own logo to the footer or something like that; even corrections that not yet have been incorporated into the main theme can be set like this).
As soon as I activate the child theme all updates I did to the options and settings are gone. I can redo them obviously but that is quite time-consuming.
I have seen themes that share the settings between the main theme and a potential child theme which always has the same name structure i.e. themename-child.making it easy to switch to and fro without losing any settings.
You do support child themes?

Does this make my question more clear?

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Sorry about that, yes, you have to redo the settings, however, there is other way to shorten your work, you can use customizer import-export plugin to export settings from the main theme and then import it in the child theme
Please note, if you are not going to change theme functions it’s not necessary to use a child theme, only for simple changes or style modification stay on parent theme :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply!

I did not notice the import/export plugin. Is this the companion plugin?

And you do support the child theme’s approach with loading templates, assets etc.? Some themes say they do but when you start using it not all functionality is there.

The main reason that WP advocates the use of child themes is “only for simple changes or style modification” otherwise you potentially loose them with a theme update.
Would it be possible that I submit an enhancement request that you supply some sample code on how to get and set the options just like a main theme when a child theme is active? After all this is normal WP logic for years already.

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Sorry but I can’t recommend any plugin but any good plugin that works with customizer import-export should work
You may also use default Wordpress import-export function

Thank you for the suggestion, any style modification added in the appearance > customize > additional CSS is safe during the update when you use parent theme, I’m not talking about files modification of function enhancements of them, but when you want to change some CSS styles by adding new CSS rules additional CSS in the customizer is fully enough :slight_smile:


I always use a child theme because, as I already explained, I need my own functions to be available to for example display my debug information if I want to.

I installed Shapely Companion but I still do not have an export/import option in the customizer. Where can I find this option?